Friday, 1 February 2013

Egypt in C20: Condom tins

Drugstore cabinet (with privacy doors) at Museum of Sex image and great article here

Ramses Condom tin, 1947 available at etsy

Julius Schmid started his career in a sausage casing factory in New York before, in 1882, starting up a firm selling "skins" made from surplus animal intestines.

Before the mid 1930s condoms could not be advertised openly but a decade before this Schmid had already built up his business and was one of the largest manufacturers in the US. 

He had two main Egyptian themed lines - Sphinx and Ramses but other designs also reflected an interest in the middle east. 

The idea of using middle eastern, specifically Egyptian, themes as imagery on products was obvious and reflected a fascination throughout this period with the exotic and far flung countries. I should imagine just the very thought of the Middle East would hurtle thoughts of harems, belly dancers and exotic women into the minds of most people - a world linked with eroticism and sexual sophistication.

What better imagery could there be?

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